Introduction to Business Administration and Analytics – Certified Program

Our Business Administration and Analytics program introduces you to practical, creative, vocational, and entrepreneurial directions.

Language: English

Instructors: Ms Ayushi Khandelwal

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Why this course?


This program is meant to fast-track your career, help you excel in the art of managing a business venture and develop critical analytical thinking.

Enrolling in our Business Administration and Analytics course can help you reap some of the most in-demand skills for your professional career. Along with giving you a step up in terms of professional development, our course will help with your communication, leadership skills, and teamwork.

Business Administration and Analytics is one of the most sought-after online management courses globally. From people who want to explore this field from the very beginning to anybody who needs polishing in their skills, our online Business Administration and Analytics course is meant for everybody.

We aim to provide the learners a deep understanding of the different facets of management, from Finance to Marketing, along with communication and leadership skills as well.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the course
Course Overview
1. Introduction to Business Administration
Module 1 Lecture 1 - Introduction to Management and Business
Module 1 Lecture 2 - Types of Businesses
Module 1 Lecture 3 - Franchising and other forms of businesses
2. Economics
Module 2 Lecture 1 - Introduction to Economics
Module 2 Lecture 2 - Business Economics, Markets, and more
Module 2 Lecture 3 - Inflation, role of govt in economy and more
3. Introduction to Management
Module 3 Lecture 1 - An insightful analysis of Management
Module 3 Lecture 2 - Features of Management, Business Environment and more
4. Introduction to Finance
Module 4 Lecture 1 - An insightful analysis of Finance
Module 4 Lecture 2 - Human Resource Management
Module 4 Lecture 3 - Marketing
Module 4 Lecture 4 - Operations
5. Business Models
Module 5 Lecture 1 - Business Models
Module 5 Lecture 2 - Ecommerce and Business Model Canvas
6. Data and Databases
Module 6 Lecture 1 - Data and databases
Module 6 Lecture 2 - Data Collection and its significance in businesses
7. Business Communication
Module 7 Lecture 1 - Business Communication
Module 7 Lecture 2 - Principles, channels, barriers and other aspects of Business Communication

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